The Uffuaxum Manuscript

The Uffuaxum Manuscript

Edited by Pierre-Xavier Delasource

« Uffuaxum. Akajybelerfu yp xyirolorip awyfyjocum pi. Qiardo oqabbiov uqquwiejoj cyij ycla. »

The Uffuaxum Manuscript was discovered at the end of the Second World War. It is a set of 92 pages, obviously typed out. The paper is quite degraded and yellowed. The anonymous manuscript was found in an attic in Germany. Then, it passed between different hands, before one of our collaborators proposes it to the Nègrefont Editions. This manuscript has not yet been studied by researchers. We have no idea of the language in which it is written. We do not know if it is really a language, a secret code or even a hoax. Obviously, it seems composed of a mixture of more or less long paragraphs and dialogues.

The Uffuaxum Manuscript still keeps all its mystery. Curiously, all those who read it have experienced a strange feeling and relaxing, even meditative effects. This text seems to take us to another dimension, to make us touch another world. And if its mission was not to make us understand something intelligible? If it was simply to invite us to live an almost spiritual experience? We deliver you this enigma as it was brought to us, with its strangeness, its mysteries, but also with its beauty and the special atmosphere that emerges from reading it.

The editor : Pierre-Xavier Delasource, a philosopher, is director and editor at Nègrefont Editions since their creation in 2013. He has supervised the publication of more than thirty books (in 2018). He is the author of the unspeakable “Ce à quoi tout homme pense s’il ne pense pas au sexe” (What every man thinks if he does not think about sex) and “Ce à quoi toute femme pense si elle ne pense pas à l’amour” (What every woman thinks if she does not think about love). He has contemporanized a famous Herbert George Wells SciFi novel in “800.000 ans dans le futur” (800,000 years in the future).

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